The approach

Nuova ASP as solution provider, the Company approach

As solution provider, Nuova ASP offers a full range of products and consultancy services for the global supply process, from the design consulting stage, which ensures fully customized solutions, to the post-sale service.

The wide range of Nuova ASP’s products allows the company to sit aside its customers in order to find the best solution that meets the system requirements whether it is a single component or a complex system such as a low voltage motor starters or a low voltage distribution boards for power and lighting systems.

The approach: the company presents itself as global partner and full solution provider able to offer reliable, efficient and certified solutions for the retail market as well as for large EPC projects for which Nuova ASP has a dedicated international team.

Nuova ASP’s solutions are supported by high tech tools including the light calculation for indoor and outdoor areas carried out on the architectural data of the environment.

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