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Nuova ASP commitment to the environmental sustainability

Nuova ASP commitment to the environmental sustainability

Nowadays every activity must take care of environmental issues and energy efficiency. In the extraction and production of oil and natural gas, needed to get energy for daily activities, we must pay attention to these aspects in order to prevent accidents which may affect the environment.
Nuova ASP has always paid attention to the environmental sustainability, studying and proposing to its customers safe, reliable and efficient solutions able to avoid, in case of an explosion, that this spread to the entire plant.
In this perspective, the company started the Ecodesign process, with which, in full swing, will allow to produce its own products by limiting the negative impact of production on the environment. The concept of ecological design includes the re-use and recycling, assembly / disassembly / self-construction, use of clean and renewable energy, reduction of harmful emissions, choice of materials, analysis, dematerialization. An example is the LED lamps for zone 2: choosing a more powerful LED allowed us to save about 9% energy compared to the previous model. The choice to focus on LED solutions is not accidental: these solutions guarantee high energy efficiency and in addition do not contain mercury or other harmful substances for the environment. For all these reasons, Nuova ASP has carried out the modernization of lighting systems both in the offices and in the production and warehouse areas, replacing the traditional lamps with latest-generation LED lamps that allowed us to save about 20-25% of energy.
As already mentioned, sustainable design also involves the use of renewable energies: Nuova ASP has been using energy from solar panels installed above its buildings for years, this allows the company to carry out most of its work activities without use the energy provided by the national network.
Furthermore, environmental sustainability includes also those activities which provide a concrete contribution to environmental protection: for example, Nuova ASP is certified ISO14001 and ISO45001 through the application of which, a series of internal and external practices and processes have been put in place aimed at preserving the health and safety of the workers and the respect of the ‘environment. Such practices include, for example, the reduction of toxic pollutants, the recycling of materials and the correct disposal of end-of-life products, the rationalization of packaging both in terms of materials used and in terms of size optimization. Furthermore, choosing environmentally friendly suppliers, possibly ISO14001 certified, allow to have a more efficient service, establishing a sustainable supply chain.
Ensuring the safety of the plant means ensuring the safety of the people who work there and the environment in general. Therefore, among the environmental aspects, the attention and awareness of the human community cannot be omitted.
The involvement of the employees is a key element for a totally green conversion.
This involvement through a continuous training, for example, has allowed us to significantly improve the statistics on accidents.
Trainings on the environmental aspects have also positive effects on the behavior of individuals in everyday life: a commitment that every serious company that cares about environmental sustainability should take into consideration.

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