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Mission, Vision and Values


“The awareness that we are contributing with our work to the safety of people, of the environment and of plants is a motivation for us to seek constant improvement.”

Our Mission is related to the commitment to design, manufacture and supply quality products which create value for our customers and stakeholders and are synonymous of safety and reliability.

Through its activities, Nuova ASP intends to:

* Elevate the state of the art of those products used in hazardous areas * Create value for its stakeholders and the company itself * Contribute to the welfare and professional grow of its employees and contractors


We strictly believe that dealing with security inevitably means dealing with quality of life. For this reason, we aspire to be the benchmark of excellence and reliability in our industry. This will allow us to grow and become one of the worldwide leaders in the field of plant safety.


Our Values

Nuova ASP’s values are the heart of the company, they drive every action and define the way the company acts and presents itself on the market.

Our values:

* Service: we are committed with the utmost dedication to provide efficient and flexible solutions that meet our customers’ needs; with the goal to build lasting partnerships with them * Excellence: we devote all our energies to continuously improve our products and, consequently, our results and our performance * Integrity: We want to earn the confidence of those with whom we work, keeping our promises, behaving in a transparent way and assuming responsibility for all our actions

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