Education and training

The strength of education and training

Acknowledging the value of people and improving their skills and qualifications through corporate trainings and education is an element which plays a leading role within Nuova ASP. In order to give shape to a truly efficient company organisation and to an actually competitive activity, training becomes an essential opportunity that is capable of motivating and activating people: this means acknowledging in their experience a great asset, which is capable of tangibly contributing to the Company’s development and innovation.

The outcome of this commitment is a new way of experiencing company life, by creating a positive working environment, shared by each staff member through team building courses. This is an optimising process that makes it possible to reach the major objective of offering an improved service to all customers.

In order to accomplish all this, Nuova ASP has created a training plan on a yearly basis, including initial training courses, addressing early introduction of new staff member, both in the company and within a specific working team, as well as a permanent training schedule, taking up 5% of overall annual working hours.

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