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Product focus: earthing systems series SM2001

Product focus: earthing systems series SM2001

In potentially explosive atmospheres earthing systems are used to prevent explosions during the loading and / or unloading operations of flammable and explosive products by using tank trucks or trains. Tank trucks normally are electrostatically loaded and an imperfect earthing might cause an explosion due to the presence of gas and/or dust.
Nuova ASP earthing systems series SM2001 keep the ground connection under control during these operations, it ensures safe plant operations and guarantees the safety of the operator, in compliance with current regulations.
The earthing system is made up of a marine grade copper free aluminium enclosure. Inside, there is an electronic control circuit, which is normally set at 20 ohm and authorizes the loading/unloading operations when resistance is less than 20 ohm.
An intrinsically safety barrier placed inside the equipment allows the verification of the correct / perfect ground connection of the tank.

This tank ground connection has to be made only with a proper grounding clamp.
Nuova ASP earthing clamp series IT has a nylon shock proof insulating haft, elastic phosphor bronze contacts suitable for fastening on tank tails and brass contact support. Earthing clamp is normally supplied with 8m cable.
On the cover, there are the following push buttons/pilot lights:
red light: NOT AVAILABLE
green light: AVAILABLE
push button INSERTION
The red pilot light is on until the perfect connection of the grounding clamp to the vehicle’s earthing bar is reached.
Once the earthing clamp is connected to the vehicle’s earthing bar, the operator has to press the “Insertion” push button for at least 2 second: if the meusured resistance of the earthing clamp circuiti s less than 20ohm, the system allows the loading and unloading operations and the green light is now on. If the measured resistance is more than 20ohm, the red light is on and no operations are allowed.

Type of protection SM2001
II 2(1) GD Ex db [ia IIC] IIB+H2 T6…T5 Gb
Ex tb [ia Da] IIIC T85°C…T100°C DbSM2001IIC
II 2(1) GD Ex db [ia] IIC T6…T5
Ex tb [ia] IIIC T85°C…T100°C
Ambient temperature -60°C …+60°C
Degree of protection IP 66
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