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Product focus: electronic sirens EFST series

Product focus: electronic sirens EFST series

The electronic sirens EFST series are normally installed in places with potential hazardous atmosphere caused by gases, vapours, mists or by a mixture of air and combustible dust as they are Ex d IIC / Ex tb IIIC certified.

The electronic sirens EFST series are composed of a body and a cover made of copper-free aluminium alloy and they are painted with epoxy powder. Conical and cylindrical threadings are both available.
The siren sound is propagated from an electronic device through a filter and then diffused through a trumpet.
The electronic sirens have 1 cable entry with 1” NPT thread.

They represent the ideal solution for alarm signalling and they can be installed indoor and in those places with low or loud background noise as they can be supplied with sounds with different intensity and frequency in order to cover the main warning regulations for hazardous areas.
There are 5 selectable sounds:

• Bitonal: 440Hz / 0,4s alternated 554Hz / 0,1s
• Yelp: Ramp up and down fast 650 a 1600Hz
• Wail: Ramp up and down slowly from 650 a 1600Hz
• Intermittent: 554Hz 1s ON / 1s OFF
• Note fixed: 554Hz continuous

The electronic sirens EFST can be provided with the different following voltages:
• 12V ac/dc
• 24V ac/dc
• 125V ac/dc
• 230V ac/dc

Type of protection II 2 GD
Ex d IIC T6 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db
Ambient temperature -60°C …+60°C
Degree of protection IP 66
Standards EN 60079-0 : 2012 / A11:2013
EN 60079-1 : 2007
EN 60079-31 : 2014
IEC 60079-0 : 2011
IEC 60079-1 : 2007
IEC 60079-31 : 2013
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