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The lighting characteristics of the LED lighting fixtures

The lighting characteristics of the LED lighting fixtures

Considering to the continuous evolution of LED technology, it is important to know and interpret the lighting characteristics of these products in order to better evaluate the different solutions available on the market.

In this scenario, Nuova ASP is always beside its customers helping them to find the best LED solution among the different LED solutions that the Company is able to offer.

In case of traditional lighting fixtures, it was enough to have the value of the light source and the power (ex. 400W incandescent) in order to get a precise idea of the right solution to supply; in case of LED lighting fixtures it is also important to consider the following characteristics: the luminous flux, the power and the luminous efficiency.
These characteristics must always be specified for each appliance.

The luminous flux is the light emitted from a certain source or luminaries and is measured in lumens.
The input power is expressed in W.
The luminous efficiency is the ratio between the luminous flux and the absorbed power (lm / W)

Then there are also other important characteristics such as the color rendering.
The color rendering index is an important parameter for the performance of a light source and indicates the ability of the source to let perceive the right colors of an object.

Finally, it is very important that each LED lighting fixture has its own photometric curve (LDT or IES) in order to check correctly the values of the luminous flux and other lighting characteristics. This photometric curve must be carried out in compliance with current regulations and must be performed on the complete lighting fixture (and not on the LED component only)

Since the LED technology is constantly evolving, it is important to rely on a reliable partner like Nuova ASP that can boast a consolidated experience and a proven technological know-how throughout the world.

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