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Products Overview

A complete range of reliable products

Nuova ASP provides electrical safety products and equipment for electrical explosion-proof and water-proof plants. The full compliance of Nuova ASP’s products with the main national and international standards allow the company to offer safe, reliable and efficient solutions, satisfying the most stringent requirements.

Lighting Fixtures
Cable Glands
Conduit Fittings
Control Stations
Lighting Fixtures

Reliable solutions for explosion proof lighting fixtures

Nuova ASP’s lighting fixtures can be fitted with incandescent, fluorescent, LED and energy savings lamps. They represent the state of the art technology and can be used for different applications such as: indoor and outdoor illumination of areas which requires concentrated, diffuse, wide beam, or ambient light; marine and offshore platforms for illumination of area that requires concentrated light; emergency or danger warnings; hazardous areas without any limitation of gas group or corrosive atmosphere. Nuova ASP’s lighting fixtures are made of different materials such as: copper-free aluminum alloy, borosilicate glass tube or temperate glass. Transparent diffuser in polycarbonate. On request: AISI 316 standard, AISI 304 on request. External painting: RAL 9006 standard, other colors on request


    High bay



          Bulkhead - Signalling




                Full range of customized enclosures for the most stringent plant needs

                Nuova ASP’s enclosures are used as panel boards, terminal boxes and instrument housing and allow the installation of the electrical equipment such as switches, signals, circuit breakers… Furthermore, they allow the installation of terminals or bus-bars of different sizes. Nuova ASP’s enclosures are made of different materials such as: copper-free aluminum alloy or cast iron, stainless steel, GRP (glass reinforced polyester resin). On request: The cover will be equipped with glass to visualize the instruments mounted inside. External painting: RAL 9006 standard, other colors on request.


                  Stainless Steel




                          Cable Glands

                          Cable glands for armoured and unarmoured cables

                          Nuova ASP’s cable glands for hazardous areas are used for connecting Ex equipment using unarmored or armored cables. They are made of different materials such as: nickel plated brass – brass – stainless steel, polyamide. On request: a mechanical protection to the cable with a rigid or flexible conduit, a special threaded entry is provided into the external termination of the cable gland. (model PNAF).

                          Cable Glands


                              Conduit Fittings

                              Conduit fittings, Sealing fittings, Elbows: a full range of reliable accessories for hazardous areas

                              Nuova ASP’s accessories includes:
                              * Sealing fittings to prevent passage of gases, vapors, flames through the conduit system from one side to the other of the electrical installation
                              * Elbows used as pulling boxes in combination of different radius in order to cover all the installations requirements of a complete conduit system
                              * Flexible and rigid conduits for connecting vibrating equipment such as electric motors.
                              * Conduit fittings for connecting the different types of equipment.
                              Sealing fittings are made of copper-free aluminum alloy, flexible conduit are made of stainless steel and the conduit fittings are made of different materials such as: nickel-plated brass – brass – stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel.

                              Open Bends and Pulling Boxes - Sealing Fittings and Three Pieces Union - Reducers and Adaptors - Conduit Fittings Locknuts Bushing Drain/breather Valves - S.S. Flexible Pipes - Vapotight Condulets and R.S. Conduit UNI7683


                                Control Stations

                                Control Stations

                                  Receptacles / Sockets & Plugs



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