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Founded in 1984, the company Nuova ASP designs and manufactures electrical security equipment for explosion-proof and watertight electrical plants mainly used in chemical, petrochemical and oil&gas industries.

Over the years the company established itself in the industrial plant security market where work is carried out in potentially hazardous and explosive areas with inflammable materials.

The optimization and constant updating of production processes allow the company to offer the most suitable solution for each customer, from bulk production to limited and personalized series. All Nuova ASP’s solutions are compliant with the most important national and international standards such as: ATEX, IECEx, TR CU, KC, INMETRO, UL.

In Italy, Nuova ASP Group consists of a production facility, which allows the direct control of production costs at every stage of the project and a company with a commercial vocation; while abroad the company has several offices around the world.

This is a tangible reaction to the growing and ever more demanding market requirements, with a view to expressing the company’s commitment to offering its customers the most flexible and suitable solutions.

Nuova ASP’s products are developed with the most advanced technologies. The company uses the most modern machinery with robotic and automated process timetabled by the most cutting-edge software such as cad-cam for the costs / commitments calculation aimed to manage the different phases and workloads.

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