New 4-pole emergency push button

New 4-pole emergency push button

A new 4-pole emergency push button with a new switch module is now available. This push button can be equipped with a mushroom actuator and supplied with a mounting device for panel installation.

In general, the operators are used to activate or block, through an axial or rotary movement, the electrical equipment placed inside the enclosure: from the simple opne/close contact to a more complex actuator of a thermal magnetic breaker. In the case of the new 4-pole emergency push button, it can be installed directly on an Ex-e enclosure, such as the AS and ESX series, or it can be used together with other “de” operators for a more complex personalization of the equipment. This button is available with the following versions:

  • ESPB#04 size 4NC
  • ESPB#31 size 3NC+1NO
  • ESPB#22 size 2NC+2NO
  • ESPB#13 size 1NC+3NO
  • ESPB#40 size 4NO

The operators for hazardous areas are made with high quality materials to guarantee maximum efficiency in any operating condition. The thermoplastic components of the push buttons are guaranteed according to high quality standards in order to guarantee a long term efficiency even in highly corrosive atmosphere. The 4-pole emergency push button is IP66 certified – 10 Amp.

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